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A material so innovative that it breaks down the barriers between surfaces for architecture and furnishing. Strength plus lightness, very large sizes and a low thickness to make floors, walls, furnishings and finishings. Not just surfaces.
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Continuous covering large spaces.

The ideal solution for settings with high trampling and dense traffic, MaxFine provides a continuous covering for large spaces, creating homogeneous environments where each individual area is shown off and made unique.
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Unique in the World.

Born from a technology that respects the environment, MAXFINE is a product which is rigorously made in Italy and which has characteristics that are unique in the world: It is the only one that displays a large surface area with reduced thickness of 6 mm and which is completely polished to guarantee not only an incredible aesthetic quality but also a high resistance to stress. Technical ceramic slabs measuring up to 320 x 160 x 0.6 cm. Uniform, eternal, non-degradable, large, thin and perfectly beautiful.