A passion for meticulous work

Marc-André and Jean-Michel are childhood friends, but have also been business partners since 2009. Jean-Michel was a tile setter by the age of 18. He was also responsible for multiple employees from a young age. But, with a lot of employees it can be hard to ensure a high-precision standard on projects. This is why, over time, he began to work alone or with Marc-André. He also realized that he was most passionate about high-quality jobs. Thanks to this passion, he soon made a name for himself in the luxury market. As for Marc-André, he also started working in the construction industry at a very young age, completing a number of renovation projects as a general contractor before his 20th birthday. He then took a masonry course and worked in the industry for a few years, while continuing to do tiling work with Jean-Michel on the side. Eventually, he decided to focus on tiling and developed a business partnership with Jean-Michel. Marc-André is quite meticulous, which is why the two men are such a strong match when working together.
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Residential installation

Works for a cozy home.
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Commercial installation

Works for a healthy business.